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Situated in a forest overlooking the Solway Coast, Bainloch Deer Park is nestled in the small Scottish village of Sandyhills near Dalbeattie. Visitors are invited to our guided tours and hopefully this website will deliver to you all the information you need to have a wonderful wildlife experience in Dumfries and Galloway.

Within the acres of land, we own herds of Red Deer, Fallow and Sika. Among the woodland also live wild Roe deer and a small flock of Feral Goats.

Tours begin with our staff collecting you or your group at the bottom of the Deer Park's trail. Your vehicle can be left in our enclosed driveway, you are then able to board one of our 4x4 vehicles which will be driven by an experienced and friendly tour manager.

No two tours are the same, most of the time many deer will come very close to the tour vehicles, however some will keep a good distance and others will remain within the heather.

Tour rangers know the deer very well and during tours, will pass on their knowledge to you in a warm and friendly manner.

To book a tour, simply phone 07768900641 to speak to a tour ranger and arrange a suitable time for you.

Tours last approximately one hour, we begin tours at 9am daily and are open up to 8pm during the summer months, these hours are reduced during the winter months.

We can support tours consisting of 1 person up to groups of 10 people, please speak to one of the tour rangers to discuss group sizes.

Prices are as follows:

•Adults: £7.50
•Children: £5.00
•Children under three years of age: free

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