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Soul Centred Crystal Therapy; crystals, tumblestones, crystal tools, gifts, jewellery. Incense, resin, dreamcatchers, books, c.d.'s, + much more.

To understand Soul Centred Crystal Therapy we need to acknowledge that our physical body is just the vehicle for the soul; i.e. we are our soul and that in time we will discard our physical body but our soul remains until the time is right for it to re-incarnate into the human form again. This process of re-incarnation allows the soul to continue to grow, expand and evolve. We could say that the soul is the divine spark within us all and this process of sequential birth is interwoven with the development of the seven energy bodies, the higher energy bodies being the throat, third eye and crown (spiritual chakras), and the lower bodies being the root, sacral and solar plexus (personality chakras). The heart is the bridge between the spiritual and personality chakras.

In this fast pace, modern life it is all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture that we are soul's having a human experience. This can cause a sense of confusion as we become controlled by our personality nature and incoming communications from the soul go unheard. This can then manifest as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance as congested energy from our experiences in this life time and previous incarnations become trapped in our energy fields causing a misalignment of the soul and blocking the free flow of life force energy.

If an energy disturbance has been present for some time it may already be creating physical symptoms meaning it has worked its way through the energy system to it's final resting place the physical body where it let's us know something is out of balance that needs addressing.

Crystal therapy works by re-balancing the flow of life force energy, by placing certain crystals on the chakras and within the energy field the frequency of the crystals either lowers or raises the vibration to correct the flow and bring the energy system back into balance. The key to Soul Centred Crystal Therapy is to release congested energy before it manifests physically. The more balanced the energy system becomes the more progress we can make towards health, happiness and well-being on all levels.

Soul Centred Crystal Therapy differs from other crystal healing techniques as the session is guided by the client's soul as the soul always knows what is needed to lift the lower personality self and integrate it to our spiritual self so that everything we think and do becomes soul influenced rather than personality led.

If you are considering how Soul Centred Crystal Therapy can help you please feel free to contact me.

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