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BA Hons Musical Theatre
LCM Grade 8 - Musical Theatre
Jo Estill Vocal Technique
Private vocal coach
Singer / Pianist

Firstly a big warm welcome!

Thank you for reading further into my page.

My name is Danny, I'm 25 years old with a passion for helping people achieve their goals within the sector of vocal coaching and drama preparation.
From teaching for many years to a professional standard on stage I have experienced both sides of the coin - which hopefully give students confidence in my skills

Professional work has taken me from LA Hollywood to West End Theatres and my teaching has supported all levels and ages for many years preparing for exams / auditions and confidence building.

A very important part of my teaching comes from my personality, I can happily admit I'm a positive character, I always have a smile on my face and I enjoy the fact my students like my company and trust me to help achieve their goals.

I can not compare the pleasure it gives me to see my students succeed, this can be from beginning student singing their first note with a smile on their face, to preparing a successful west end audition.

If so far this has intrigued you to come and meet me, may I say your welcome .... please do get in contact.


- BA Hons Musical Theatre
- LCM Grade 8 - Musical Theatre
- College Diploma Musical Theatre

Privately with home and studio tuition I have been tutoring singing for over 7 years one on one with my students, techniques used are mainly around the Jo Estill vocal technique and tailed to each student with of course my personal twist, this technique is used globally with professional vocal coaches.
all styles of singing are welcomed, I cover Musical theatre ,Jazz ,Pop and Rock.

Watching each student develop and expanding my personal experience has been nothing less than a pleasure.

My approach to Teaching:

Its actually very simple..... I wish for my student to succeed and become very happy doing so.
I will do everything I can within my portfolio and genuine desire to make this happen.

The Estill Voice Model:

Speech Quality - The everyday sound heard when people talk. It is often used in Ballads, Rock music and in much of today’s contemporary music.

Sob Quality - low-Larynx, darker, softer vocal tone which often arouses empathy from the audience communicating passion, yearning, and heartfelt emotion.

Twang Quality - high-Larynx, brighter, more harsh and nasal sound that is quite common in Country and Western music.

Opera Quality - lower-Larynx combination of Sob and Speech vocal qualities giving a well anchored and powerful operatic vocal tone.

Falsetto Quality - lighter, quieter, and generally breathier vocal quality. It is often used in the upper register as it requires less effort to reach the notes.

Belt Quality - The biggest and loudest vocal quality and is often used in theatre and contemporary music today. It requires the most effort and muscular support if it is done correctly.

I Like to keep a record of the progress with my students, ether for exam preparation or just help measure goals.

Every person is different and I admire the extra effort required to tailor each student, there is no pressure...
A nice meeting before a lesson on the first approach to find out what your goals are and how we will make it happen.

Thank you for reading, it would be a pleasure to speak with you.

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