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I can help you to turn your life around so you can start to feel happy, more confident and calmer in just a few weeks.

At David Snook Hypnosis I am passionate about the positive affect hypnosis can have on peoples lives.

Hypnosis can help you create amazing, positive changes to your life in so many ways so that you can live life happily and healthily.

Using advanced hypnosis techniques, I work with my clients to help them to create permanent, positive changes in their lives. I specialise in stress management, behaviour change, performance improvement and health improvement for adults and children.

Based in Manningtree, North Essex, I have a Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma(HPD) through the National Council of Hypnotherapists, an advanced hypnotherapy certificate in 5-PATH® hypnotherapy through the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals (IAHP) and I am a Dementia Therapy Specialist, trained in the use of hypnotherapy for patients with dementia. I am a member of the CNHC(Council for Natural Health Care).

The principles I follow are largely influenced by the brilliant hypnotist, Cal Banyan and the 5-PATH® process he developed, Stephen Parkhill and his amazing work using hypnosis for cancer and by the works of people such as Ernest Lawrence Rossi Ph.D. and Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. whose research and studies show the science behind mind/body healing and the tremendous power the subconscious mind has over our overall health and well being.

The advanced hypnosis techniques that I use create permanent life changes within my clients by removing negative, limiting and damaging programming at a subconscious level and replacing it with positive thoughts and beliefs in line with the goals that the client wishes to achieve. Please go to my ‘How it Works’ page to find out more on the techniques I use and the changes that can be achieved.

Having trained with Dr Dan Nightingale, a leading dementia specialist in the UK, I am continuing to look for new ways in which hypnosis can improve the quality of life for people suffering from dementia.

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