Ellesmere Animal Rescue, +44 7527 158690, Non-profit organization, Letterston

Ellesmere Animal Rescue Centre, Letterson, Fishguard Pembrokshire. Takes in all kind of animals such as, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, ponies. etc.

Ellesmere Rescue has been running for 20 years, but only 9 years in Pembrokeshire.
We have taken in over 11,000 animals such as, cats, dogs, rabbits,horses and birds.
We specialise in orphaned kittens, puppies, feral kittens and nervous/abused ponies.

We are in desperate need of funding, anything you can give will help a great deal.
Please visit the web site to see what more you can do to help animals in need.

All our money goes on vet bills, heating, litter and food ETC.
We desperately need to raise £1000's to keep the centre open or we will be forced to close.
We hope to have a Pets In Care service for the elderly and sick resident pet owners when they're away from home, and need their animals looking after short term.
We also hope to open the first after care clinic and offer low cost operations, vet bills. nursing for pet owners that are elderly, disabled or on a low income.

Every pound counts, to donate either send a cheque or via Paypal

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Address & Contact

19 Craig Las road
+44 7527 158690
Non-profit organization

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