Garelochhead Training Camp, Military Base, Helensburgh

Garelochhead Training Camp is a military training camp located near Garelochhead in Scotland.HistoryThe camp was originally built in 1940 during World War II. Some 22,000 American servicemen were accommodated and trained at the camp prior to Operation Overlord. There is an extensive Training Area in the surrounding region that extends up Glen Fruin to the west bank of Loch Lomond and along Loch Long through Glen Mallan to DM Glen Douglas. The entire training area is some 8200acre in area, with its highest point rising to some 700m above sea level and includes two parachute Drop zones. The Range complex at Garelochhead is equipped for live firing up to platoon level, with additional grenade and mortar ranges. The camp itself can accommodate up to 500 personnel and has been used as a base by Strathclyde Police during protests at the nearby HMNB Clyde.The Ministry of Defence is building a new 100m grouping and zeroling range, a new 600m electronic firing range, a range wardens complex, a range console building and access tracks at the camp.

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