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The Goddess House is part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple & a Motherwold Enterprise!
The Goddess House is a venue for Goddess trainings and treatments!

Goddess House Glastonbury is the newest venture created by the Priestesses, Priests and Melissae of Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple.

Goddess House is a MotherWorld enterprise, where we live according the values of love, care and support for the Earth, for each other and for the world. Here we aim to make Goddess more visible in the world.

In Goddess House we are facilitating three Goddess Temple visions:
1. An holistic Natural Health Centre and Goddess Healing Temple
2. A Goddess Educational Centre
3. A Venue with beautiful workshop spaces and group rooms you can book for your Goddess orientated ceremonies and events.

Contact us or come and have a look, we are open every day!

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Address & Contact

Magdalene Street
http://www.goddesshouse.co.uk/ http://www.goddeshousehealing.co.uk

Map & Directions

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