Grantown Grammar School, 01479 872649, School, Grantown on Spey

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At Grantown Grammar School we are working together towards realising our vision of a school which values everyone, which strives to nurture and develop each pupil to their own potential and to which parents and the community are confident to entrust their children.

To achieve our vision we aim to:
• Recognise and develop fully the potential of all pupils.

• Provide a good learning environment and high quality teaching.

• Create and nurture a caring ethos.

• Ensure that all pupils feel valued and can benefit from the principles of equal opportunity, inclusion and tolerance.

• Achieve an effective partnership of pupils, staff, parents and community.

• Give all staff the on-going opportunity to develop their expertise and professional skills

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Address & Contact

Grantown on Spey
01479 872649

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