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Thanks for visiting our Facebook page. We welcome comments left here, and occasionally we may use some of these in the newspaper. Click the 'about' link below for more information.

We welcome comments left on this page, and occasionally we may use some of these in the newspaper.
Please be aware that it's not possible for us to edit contributions before they appear and you are responsible for the content of your posts.
We are able to remove comments at a later stage and will do so on the grounds of taste and legality.
If you see a comment that gives you particular concern, you can report it to us via email at [email protected] or calling 240220 or 07781 100704 and we will address it as soon as possible.
We also accept letters for the Guernsey Press via Facebook. If you have an opinion on any subjects relevant to life in the Bailiwick you can send it to us as a private message and we'll consider it for publication in the paper. Please add your postal address for our records, and if you don't want your name/address printed please include a brief explanation.

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