Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church, 07930 282773, Local Business, Hebden Bridge

Sunday Divine Service 18.15-19.30
Tuesday 19.30-20.30

Open Circle last Tuesday in the month 19.30-20.30

Sunday divine service opens with a hymn and prayer. Philosophy is given followed by a demonstration of mediumship. Tuesday service is a demonstraion of mediumship for example clairvoyance or clairaudience..
Within the service healing and upliftment can be received from just sitting. Sometimes people come for help in many ways if we cant help you we will know someone who can. All you have to do is come along an ask.

Spiritualism is a rational religion based on the knowledge, proven through mediumship, that the human spirit survives physical death.
Hebden Bridge Church is affliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU)

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Address & Contact

14 New Road
Hebden Bridge
07930 282773
Local Business

Map & Directions

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