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Independent celebrant available to write & deliver a unique funeral service that reflects authentically the life, culture & essence of your loved one.

Hello and welcome to my page. I am a professional Celebrant, offering bespoke Life Celebration Services. Initially Funerals only and from August 2016; Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Memorials and Pet services (separate page). Trained through The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

I am an artist and poet and have many years working in a therapeutic role with children and Families. My skills enable me to provide a genuinely unique, creative, poignant service, with great empathy and respect, creating a beautiful piece of writing that represents the story of your loved one's life, your way.
So, What does this mean?

Perhaps like me you thought that when a person very sadly dies that there is only one option, and that is to have a service that is religiously based and perhaps utterly unrelated to the person you knew.

They may have been non religious or somewhat spiritual or have their very own unique beliefs that are as individual as the person.

I can reflect exactly the beliefs, however diverse, appropriate to the person within the service that I write for you on their behalf,

I positively want to work with families and friends to draw out the absolute essence of that person, really celebrate their life and thank them for shaping who you are through knowing them.

I believe in saying 'hello' to a different relationship with the person who is no longer physically there, because they will always and should always be significant in our lives.

There are no rules to grief and memories are essential to maintaining our connection to the profound love we may have shared with a person and can be palpable.

Not everyone has only positive memories of a person and that is okay- we are human beings and that doesn't change because someone has died, but a well written service can enable a healing tribute to a real person, where we can make peace with ourselves, others and the person whose life we celebrate.

A service can take place ANYWHERE you want, be it within a crematorium or a wild meadow perhaps a group of friends and family who may want to celebrate life elsewhere, a field, garden, beautiful stately home, by the sea, in a pub, in a ring making workshop.

I am happy to discuss anything you like, I am a poet and artist and am open to any suggestions without judgement, we have many culturally blended families with blended religions, beliefs, language and life stories.

I am genuinely interested in telling the journey your way.

Nobody likes to think of the loss of a baby or child, and this is the most sensitive of subjects- let me reassure those grieving this profound loss that I would do everything in my power to gently reflect your love and the huge significance of your loss and of course the service for children is free.

May I offer my genuine sympathy at this time if you are reading this and facing the acute pain of loss.

For some this might be combined with a sense of relief after a loved one has suffered for a long illness.

For others, there may be an inability to connect with the feelings that others may expect you to have, or you may feel angry, lost, totally alone within a bubble that feels like it separates you from the rest of the world..

Whatever you are feeling, believe that it is okay to feel like this, it is normal and it is part of the cycle of grief and you are not alone, you don't 'get over it', nor should you, you learn to manage the feelings and find special moments to capture and celebrate the love as a beautiful token x

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