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This is the official page for House Talk magazine (for council residents and leaseholders in Portsmouth), the resident participation team and Navigators Resource Centre.

Resident participation is a dedicated team who promote a range of opportunities for council residents and leaseholders.

Our aim is to ensure that you play an active role in developing and changing our housing services and make improvements to your area and community and to get people talking about the things that really matter in your area.

Did you know the different ways you can get involved in shaping your city?

The residents' consortium which plays an active role in creating the council’s housing strategy, policies and practices and to ensure your voice is heard.

The consortium link group which is formed of annually elected residents who represent particular groups to support their needs and interests.

Resident associations and street and housing block representatives.

The House Talk editorial panel for you to contribute articles to your magazine.

By visiting the Navigators Resource Centre which provides meeting rooms, IT facilities and access to the internet.

If you have something to say about your area, why not get in touch? we're always happy to hear from you.

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Address & Contact

Resident Participation Floor 1 Somerstown Central Tyseley Road
0800 0321 531
Local Business

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