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The Kip McGrath Education Centre in Skipton provides tutoring in maths and English for all students aged 6 to 16. Our tutors are fully qualified teachers.

The Kip McGrath tutoring centre in Skipton provides tutoring in maths and English for all students aged 6 to 16. All our tutors are fully qualified teachers and will be using the latest tutoring techniques in our fully resourced centre. The centre is in the heart of Skipton making it convenient for the surrounding areas of Ilkley, Glusburn, Bank Newton, Giggleswick and Thorpe.

Call today for a free assessment to see how we can help.

We provide:

Tutoring for students aged 6 to 16

Programmes for all abilities

Revision for English GCSE

Revision for mathematics GCSE

Revision for science GCSE

Literacy and numeracy support

Preparation for entrance exams

Confidence building in maths and English

At Kip McGrath your child will:

Follow a fully personalised programme of study

Make progress each week

Benefit from targeted one to one tuition

Develop independent learning skills

Use a variety of resources

Be tutored by an experienced fully qualified teacher

Enjoy themselves

Be successful

We believe that we have created the right atmosphere and approach for learning. Catering for individuality, we focus upon and reward the positive achievements in all our students, creating the motivation and desire to learn. At Kip McGrath we can help your child to succeed.

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First Floor Offices, 52 High Street

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