Little Bakehouse at Launceston

It's all about "Real Bread" We bake fresh in store everyday & never use preservatives, additives or raising agents. Fresh Coffee & great pastries and cakes

Using only the finest of ingredients, as locally produced as possible, but quality is the main criteria.... nothing added ... nothing taken away. The Little Bakehouse hopes to impress customers with great flavours and just great bread.

We are currently baking mostly sourdoughs due to the health benefits in longer fermentation. As the yeast(s) found in a live starter typically produce carbon dioxide at a slower rate than commercial baker's yeast, the rising time is longer. This longer fermentation period allows other changes to occur in the dough that could have benefits other than flavour alone.

Sourdough breads are a low GI food where the slow acting carbohydrates help to reduce the peaks in blood glucose that often follow a meal, and this may have a role in helping to prevent or reduce the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes in those at risk.

There are also benefits for weight loss. Low GI foods can help you to control your appetite by making you feel fuller for longer, with the result that you eat less. Research has shown that people who have an overall low GI diet have a lower incidence of heart disease.

Lower GI diets have also been associated with improved levels of 'good' cholesterol. One or two small changes can make all the difference.

So there it is.... no need to give up bread when you're dieting, you just need to choose the right bread.

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