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Welcome to the Guildford branch of Maidenhead Aquatics

The Guildford branch is located approximately 15 minutes from Guildford town centre on the A246 Leatherhead to Guildford Road. This well established store within the UK's leading Specialist Aquatic Retailer, offers a wide range of aquatic goods for indoor and outdoors enthusiasts. With popular brand names including JBL, Aqua One, Tetra, Oase, Hikari and many more.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team all share a combined passion for fishkeeping and are here to help and assist in all aspects of your fishkeeping experience.

On entering the Guildford store you will walk through our pond section. Our pond section holds a wide variety of pond plants, including pond side, marginal, deep water, oxygenating, lilies and floating plants. With plant stocks changing throughout the season, all are available on our multi-purchase deal offers. Our large Koi pond holds our most large and impressive fish, where you can assist in feeding them and enjoy the experience. Our outdoor fish offering ranges from the small younger fish to larger sized fish, to give you a great choice in stocking your pond. Varieties include Goldfish, Shubunkins, Yellow Comets, Orfe, Koi, Sterlets and Diamond Back Sturgeon. We also hold a large selection of preformed ponds, pond liners, water courses and waterfeatures, small to large to cater for any size project and therefore meaning you can enjoy a little water in your garden. Immediately to the front of the shop you will pass our rock pool with a cascading waterfall and planted rockery, stocked with fish. Something that everyone would wish for in their own garden.

We offer a wide range of pond products and exclusive brands, such as Oase, Aqua Evolution, Blagdon & Aqua Garden. Discounts of up to 50% off can be found on pond pumps and other pond equipment, including a 'buy one get one free' on our own branded fish food.

We hold a large range of aquariums, from small designer 'nano' tanks to our larger and grander
Oak style tank and cabinets, that are exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics.

To the back of the store is the fish house, first passing our large 8ft display tank housing some of our larger impressively sized fish including Red Hooks, a one metre long Tyre Track Eel, Red Parrots and Pike Cichlids. The Guildford branch offers a diverse and wide range of small and large community fish. We also pride ourselves on keeping a range of unusual species of L-number plecs such as Queen Arabesque (L260), Sultan plec (L264) and Large Spot Snowballs. Corydoras and Discus are also well catered for, in which the shop is recognised for stocking. We have a large section of livebearers making this the most colourful system with a wide array of Guppies, Mollies, Platies and Swordtails. The far system is our largest system, holding a huge selection of fish from small community species (ranging from Tetras, Gouramis & Rainbow Fish) to the larger community fish varieties (such as Angelfish, Cichlids, Catfish, Eels & Knife Fish). Our soft water system is where we hold our selection Discus in various sizes and colours. In the middle of the shop is our dedicated 'nano' system, holding our a diverse range of small tank mates such as shrimps, aquatic snails and fish.

Our Marine system stocks a range of fish and inverts and not forgetting the impressive 10ft display tank featuring larger species of marine fish. Stocks on our marine system are frequently replenished offering diverse array of fish species and inverts.

And finally, our indoor coldwater systems offers a range of fish for small tank set-ups to larger ones, from goldfish to some unusual fancy goldfish such as Pom-poms, Pearlscales and Ranchus, and smaller temperate fish such as a variety of Danios.

We stock a wide range of aquatic plants in pots, bunches and plants on wood allowing you to create your own individual aquarium (such as Java moss, Java fern and anubias grown on half coconuts shells and coconut bridges).

Our wide range of livestock ensures there's everything you would need to complete your aquarium comprehensively. We hope you'll enjoy visiting our store and think we stock something for everyone! We look forward to seeing you soon...

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