Maple Field Milk

Maple field milk is a community owned micro dairy, established to revive small scale dairy farming.

Might it be that industrial agricultural methods are harming our land, our soils, our biodiversity, our environment and our food? Are we what we eat? Could it be that industrial methods of farming animals including the dairy industry are unhealthy for us, the planet and the animals within this system? What of animal welfare and ethics?

What of the economies of small-scale? Might society benefit from farming methods that protect and nurture the land, the soils, the environment and ensure the nutrients in our food? Might it be better to nurture and protect the animals alongside whom we live?

Maple Field Milk is a community owned micro dairy, established to revive small scale dairy farming, look after the land, and nurture the cows within this alternative system.

Using low cost processing facilities, milk will eventually be produced and sold directly from the farm. We are currently rearing our own small herd of beautiful, happy pasture fed cows. In the mean time, while the herd grows, local milk is collected, pasturised on the farm and sold locally. It is non homogenised milk.

The aim of the project is to improve the viability of small scale dairy farming, inspiring new entrants on a low cost basis. The long term target is to have 4 satellite dairy businesses, offering courses on micro dairying and selling milk locally.

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