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QMTI helps people to succeed at maths. We provide support, tuition and intervention services for schools, individual pupils, businesses and adult learners

It is our aim and ambition to provide intervention and tutoring services to schools as well as providing a quality tutoring service for parents of secondary school children who need help in achieving their targeted outcomes in maths, especially at GCSE level.

Also for parents we offer the opportunity for them to refresh or enhance their own skills in order to help them cope with the question that many parents dread; "Can you help me with my maths homework?"

Another crucial element of our work is providing tutoring services to adults who wish to improve their maths skills, whether to pass an exam or simply to enable them to improve their everyday number skills.

We are also able to assist businesses, too, when they wish to improve the maths skills of employees and, in doing so, boost their performance in the workplace. This might be maths skills which are applicable to the business in a specific way or it may be developing the way individuals are able to use maths in spreadsheets.

Whatever the maths learning issue is, we will try to find a solution for you.

My own background is a career in teaching and education spanning 20 years in mainstream education, as a teacher, head of department, head of faculty, university accredited Initial Teacher Training mentor and senior whole school strategy manager, which I left in order to develop my own tutoring and intervention company.

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