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Reclaim Hackney; from the destructive developers and property speculators, the rack renting and evicting landlords, the cupcake and coffee shops ..

#ReclaimHackney is a diverse group of Hackney residents, community activists, trade unionists and service providers, who came together after the General Election to support and defend members of our community who are being increasingly disenfranchised and excluded by fast-paced regeneration of the borough. We aim to do this through regular meetings, a Saturday street-stall and an eviction-resistance network amongst many other things.

#ReclaimHackney - from the destructive developers, the rack renting, evicting, slum landlords ripping off and forcing out local people, the overpriced coffee and cupcake shops, the exclusive bars and cafes pushing out local businesses, the so-called regeneration that is wiping out council housing, and the politicians who are allowing this to happen while parroting they can do nothing

when we stand and take action together we win!

- we are reclaiming hackney to start the re-creation of a diverse, energetic, Hackney for all it's residents but particularly those who have the least

- we are #ReclaimHackney and yes we can and will #ReclaimHackney!

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