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I help coach people to reach their goals and make a great income from the hundreds to thousands! Whatever your goals i can help you there! ;-) X

I moved back to the UK from Germany in 2013 with my 6month old son after my husband had left the army, finding our feet and settling in was very difficult, a year on i found out i was pregnant with my daughter, i knew we would need a better income for our growing family which also included our two dogs, i knew i didnt want to return to a salon to carry on my hairdressing, as i would then have to pay for chilcare and i didnt want to miss a moment of my kids growing up, it was time to change and do something about it!
I was introduced to this amazing opportunity whilst living in Germany, but at the time i was self employed, working in the army barracks doing hair and i was making a comfortable income, that was not the case living back in the UK and now with two children, i was introduced again to the opportunity by a friend last year and i couldnt wait to get started, it was exactly what i needed
-uncapped income
-meet loads of new people
-paid travel/holidays
-being part of a team (the best in Scotland)
-car plans 1,2 & 3
I love the freedom, being in control, working when i want, where i want and with who i want!

I do enjoy luxuries i never thought i would and it will only get better as my business grows and i help others to do the same, ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible if you want it to and you believe it will!


I would love to network with you! X

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