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Learn, Develop & Grow with Sensory Time

Classes allow your child to develop their curiosity of the world around them through sensory exploration.

​Sensory Time , Gold Accredited Classes

Come along and join in the fun!
Our classes allow your child to develop their curiosity of the world around them through sensory exploration.
Our activities include...
Glow Play
Sing & Sign
Tummy Time
Parachute Play
Music & Movement
Treasure Baskets
Messy Play
& much, much more.

Sensory Time began at the home of Hayley Azzopardi, a mother of four; one of whom is on the Autistic Spectrum. 14 years ago, AS was not socially accepted in the way that it is today, so Hayley found her own ways to enrich her son’s life through sensory play, and then used this to aid the development of other children locally. Hayley ran a village group using her ideas; Sensory Time was then launched in 2014. Sensory Play has always been a significant part of her children’s lives, it is therapeutic, aids language and communication, fine and gross motor skills.
Hayley felt that there was a need for a safe enabling environment that supported children through child-led exploration. Research, planning, knowledge and experience were combined to create a class that would succeed in promoting children’s learning and development through Sensory Play. Since 2014 Sensory Time has flourished and multiplied; What began with one class in a village hall is now aiding children across the UK.
Hayley enjoys the advocacy in play that was Plato 427BC:
“Enforced learning will not stay in the mind. So avoid compulsion and let your children’s lessons take the form of play.”

At Sensory Time, we believe that experience and knowledge are essential for providing an environment that will enable each and every child to thrive. With this is mind our staff have been specifically chosen based not only on their qualifications but their passion to provide an outstanding service in which every child is valued and encouraged.
With over 20 years combined experience staff are qualified and trained in the following areas:
• Antenatal
• Degree Early Years
• NVQ Level 3 In Childcare Learning & Development
• Paediatric First Aid
• Babywearing Peer Support & consultancy
In addition to these qualifications, all class leaders are required to complete in house training with Sensory Time, which incorporates training days, observing and shadowing existing class leaders, virtual college training and coursework. All coursework is externally verified by a local early year’s officer. Once all training is successfully completed, continued support and training opportunities are provided.

What is Sensory Time
Sensory Time is a Gold Accredited, National Finalist 2016 children’s activity provider. Sensory Time Classes are an opportunity for your child to explore all 5 senses in a safe and enabling environment. Classes are pre-planned with a key focus on developing senses, but cover many areas of a child’s learning and development. Class Leaders have experience working alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage which sets standards for children’s learning development and care.

Sensory Time Classes provide your child with opportunities that allow them to Learn, develop and grow using various tools, materials and mark making activities combined with music and movement. Our classes have a different theme every week and incorporate special events and celebrations such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Chinese New Year.

Sensory Time classes provide your child with a developing sense of routine. We offer weekly classes, which always have the same floor plan and design to offer continuity. Our classes start with a warm welcome and singing before child led exploration begins. Your child has the freedom to choose what they play with and when. Where possible resources are used that are either edible or safe if they put it into their mouths, which they all do  and is a natural part of discovery. Evidence shows that play is a central influence on a child’s happiness and wellbeing and impacts on their health and future life chances (Play England, 2011)

Sensory Time is accredited by the Children’s Activities Association and KalliKids. This is one of many factors that set us apart from other activity providers, we have gone above and beyond to meet all compliances in order to ensure that not only do we provide outstanding classes, but that we train all staff competently in order that they can provide the same level of service.

Sensory Time offers unique classes that are suitable from 3 months+. By combining age groups, Siblings can join classes, providing further opportunity to explore together as well as meet and socialise with other children.

The importance of Play
Play is a natural state that is within us all. Play is an instinct. We do not learn to play we play to learn. Research shows that children who have time to play perform better in the classroom.

DID YOU KNOW? The importance of play is fundamental and as such is recognised within the United Nations Convention on the right of the Child (1989). Within this every right is equal which emphasises the value of play for every child, so for example the right to play is as important as the right to an education.

Brain development is impacted by cognitive play. Only 25 percent of the brain is formed in the womb. By engaging in play from birth, the brain is stimulated into making connections between nerve cells, thus aiding the development of fine and gross motor skills. These connections continue to develop through play into teen years and adult life and enable us to plan and decision make. Play contributes to the development of skills required for day to day life such as vocabulary, understanding, problem solving and motivation. It boosts self-confidence, self-awareness and an understanding of the world around us.
By providing children with the time and space to play, they are able to develop concentration skills which research shows that children who have had ample play opportunities have higher IQ levels.
Family- Play is not only beneficial to the child but also to the carer, the parent, the teacher, the family. By engaging in play with you child you are able to foster and develop community relationships not only for yourself but for your child also. Spontaneous play develops relationships and encourages communication and laughter. This triggers the release of chemicals and hormones that boost immune responses and the release of endorphins- positively impacting on attachment and bonding.

Theories and Research.
The value of play has been long researched and documented. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are two influential theorists that emphasis the indispensable role that play has in children’s development. Providing children with ample play opportunities allows them to take risks, make decisions and build cognitive development, thus preparing them and provides them with essential life skills.
Play has also been linked with a child’s ability to overcome fears, rationalise and discover own preferences and interests. This is often clear to see within Sensory Time classes

Safeguarding is of paramount importance when providing a provision for children. All Class Leaders have a full DBS. Sensory Time has a thorough Safeguarding Policy in Place

Sensory Time is one of a select few that are fully Accredited Gold members of the Children’s Activities Association. Within this we have, amongst others, met specific compliances, have relevant qualifications, quality staff training, Policies and procedures and provide an excellent customer service.
Sensory Time was a finalist in the What’s on 4 Little Ones awards at The Chessington World Adventures 2016. To be nominated was amazing to be a finalist gave us immense pride and recognition in what we do and what we have achieved.

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