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ThermalGuard - a home improvement company who specialise in insulation. Insulating your home has many benefits. contact us to find out more on 01656 856262

Formed in 2012, ThermalGuard entered the market wanting to introduce Insulation systems and solutions to Wales and beyond. Specialising in external insulation, internal insulation and flat roof insulation – we believe the future of old housing stock can be improved with this affordable regeneration. With houses needing constant care and attention, we understand damp wet walls are a major worry – if not treated properly they can cause health problems, financial strain from regular redecoration and much, much more. Insulation doesn’t only solve penetrating damp, its main purpose it to contain heat. With savings of up to 40% on yearly heating bills – Insulation really does pay back.
With both managing directors having over 25 years combined experience in construction, you can have the confidence that issues with you’ve come across with your properties can be rectified with the knowledge they have.
Insulation is not only used to rectify issues you have with your property; it has many more benefits including improvement of current appearance, modernisation (if desired), sound proofing, saving on gas bills, it also adds value to your property.

ThermalGuard™ are here to give your family the warmth they deserve

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