Wychbury Obelisk, Landmark, Hagley

The Hagley Obelisk stands close to the summit of Wychbury Hill in Hagley, Worcestershire, and is only about 150 metres from the border of the West Midlands.The obelisk is a Grade II* listed building. It is high, and can be seen for many miles around, as far as Shropshire, and the hill if not the monument on its summit from the Malverns.The obelisk was commissioned by Sir Richard Lyttelton, a son of the elderly Sir Thomas Lyttelton, the owner of the nearby Hagley Hall. Hagley Hall has been the home of successive Viscounts Cobham and Wychbury Hill is part of the property, but is accessible from public footpaths.Building of the obelisk started in 1747, and it was constructed at the same time as George, the eldest son and heir of Sir Thomas , started to refashion Hagley Hall park in the fashionable Picturesque style. The refashioning included building a ruined castle, the Clent Hill four stones and temples styled in Greek and Roman architecture.

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