Ballymena Family History Society, Non-profit organization, Ballymena

We are a branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society. Our mission is to encourage study and research in genealogy and local history.

BFHS is a branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) it is a voluntary non-profit-making organisation encouraging an interest in family history.

The objective of the Society is to foster an interest in family history with special reference to families with roots in the North of Ireland and their descendants, wherever they may be.

The Society is not a Research Agency, although we do like to put people in contact with one another and share information.

Chairperson:- Mr Brian O'Hara
Secretary:- Mrs Mary Carson
Assistant Secretary:- Ms Maggie Lyttle
Treasurer:- Mr Alan Rosborough

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Braid Arts Centre, 1-29 Bridge Street
Non-profit organization

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