Plessey Woods Country Park, 1670 824793, Landmark & Historical Place, Bedlington

Plessey Woods is a country park situated on the north bank of the River Blyth, in Northumberland. The park is accessed from the A192 in the village of Hartford Bridge, north of Cramlington and south west of Bedlington.In 2016 Leading Link opened a youth ran Art Trail around Plessey Woods. www.plesseywoodstrail.weebly.comAround the trail there is wooden owls and painted snakes, including hobbit doors in the trees near the river bank.The park extends over 100acre of woodland, meadows and riverside, with a 1½ mile route circumnavigating these habitats and many smaller routes from this loop.Free parking is available on site, as is a visitor centre with toilets and shop.

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