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Service times:
All at Greycaine Road Warehouse. Come and join us!

Soul Survivor Watford all began way back in the distant memory of 1993 in the front room of a young family. Nothing fancy, nothing flash, just a handful of young people and youth workers from St Andrew’s, Chorleywood, passionate to reach out to the young people of Watford. We had no idea when we started how it would grow – if at all! We just tried anything. We had a café called Dreggs on Fridays nights, we met on Wednesday nights to worship and pray, read the Bible and have food.

Our mission statement is,
“Soul Survivor Watford is a group of Christians aiming to communicate the good news of Jesus to the young people of Watford”.

As the church has grown and developed in the last 15 years we have developed four major values that are core and remain close to the heart of everything we do here:

1) Intimate worship
2) Committed community
3) Relevant evangelism
4) Active compassion

Intimate worship
We desire to genuinely meet with God. Recognising that worship is a lifestyle, our times of corporate praise are a place to be changed and empowered by Him.

Committed community
Not just a random gathering of strangers, we desire to be one body, encouraging, challenging and loving one another. Unlike so many ‘virtual relationships’ in our culture today, we want to be real and to be brothers and sisters to one another through all situations.

Relevant evangelism
We need to bring the gospel to those around us in a way that they can understand, without watering down the truth. Those who seek Christ here should get a flavour of something that’s desirable and accessible, right from the first bite.

Active compassion
Integral to living Christ-like lives is following His example of being good news to the poor, not just in Word, but also in deed. We seek to love others as Christ first loved us; a love which changes lives.

We are part of the Church of England, though we probably don’t look much like your average parish church! In fact we’re not; we come under the parish of St Peter’s, North Watford. The vicar there, the Rev Chris Cottee, is also our Chaplain. He and Mike Pilavachi, our Senior pastor meet with the Bishop of Hertford regularly. So our accountability is very firmly rooted in the Anglican church and we like it there!

Lastly, we are also attached to Soul Survivor Ministries. Soul Survivor ministries run the conferences in uk and all over the world, and it was out of this that the congregation was born. This means that we get a lot of visitors on Sundays, from all over the UK and all over the world too. It’s an amazing privilege for us, though it does perplex us somewhat that people are interested in flying thousands of miles to see little old us in our industrial warehouse! It also means though that we do have to work hard at being family, sometimes it’s hard to see the people you know through the crowd on a Sunday, but we love the challenge that it brings..

So that’s it in a nutshell. It’s not the end of the story by any means, we’re sure it’s just the opening chapters, but we’re excited to see how the next ones unfold!

So… When do we meet?

We have three services on a Sunday at 10.30am, 4.30pm and 7.30pm

Each service is open to everyone, and all are welcomed, but each also has a slightly different emphasis.

The 10.30am (AM) service is designed to cater for the needs of families with children and youth being welcome to join the service or take part in our children and youth work programmes (more information below). It is the service attended by the greatest range of ages, from new born to much older!

The 4.30pm service is specifically designed to cater to singles and married couples without children. It is a more relaxed, chill out session designed to build community and address the needs of the 20s and 30s crowd.

The 7.30pm (PM) service is the main one our young people attend although all ages attend and are welcome. We have teaching series in this service and, as in all our services, seek to make room for the Holy Spirit to lead us and empower us.

See you soon!

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5 Greycaine Road
01923 204200

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