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Take control of your life - simply and safely - Relaxation, stress management, confidence boosting, healing & training Expecting a baby? Stressed out? Facing an exam, operation, job interview? Feeling under the weather? Want to change your life for good?

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel, going round and round but getting nowhere fast? Is time speeding up for you? Do you wake up on Monday then suddenly find it's Saturday, with all those jobs still waiting to be done? Do you always respond to other people's priorities, but rarely your own? Is your health suffering? Talk to the professionals who understand, to discover what's best for you. Whether you want to Quit Smoking, succeed at an exam or interview, let go of fear, become more assertive, try a complementary therapy, learn how to become a complementary therapist yourself, use your own personalised MP3 hypnotherapy recording or simply let go of the stress in your life, Alternatives can help you.

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