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Personal trainer and online coach based in Chester (Cheshire). Available now for 1-1 personal training in Chester and online coaching. Fat loss expert!

Andy Griffiths is a Personal Trainer based in Total Fitness Chester. He comes from a military background were he spent five and a half years in the Royal Welsh Infantry, he has been to places such as Afghan, Canada, Cyprus and Kenya. In the Army he was an All Arms Physical Training Instructor, so it was his job to make sure the Battalion was peak level ready for operations.

He left the Army and continued to pursue his passion for health and fitness, he's done numerous seminars, YouTube and Facebook videos helping educate as many people as possible and debugging any myths out there. He gives everyday busy people simplistic strategies to help transform their body composition and life. He makes sure people get the results they have always wanted yet struggled to achieve. He does this by reducing stress levels, optimising hormones, improving posture and biomechanics (movement patterns), increasing lean muscle tissue, changing lifestyle habits and making the journey fun and maintainable.

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