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Binky Bunny Hotel is a pet sitting service run by very experienced pet owners. We cater for many types of small pet including Rabbits and Guinea pigs!

Here at Binky Bunny we provide 5* holiday accommodation for Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Hamsters. Rest assured that whilst away on your holiday, your pets are enjoying a little holiday of their own. All hutches are fully secured and disinfected between each guest and are fully installed with Vet bed bedding and an array of toys and boredom breakers.

Rabbits per night : £6 or discounted rates for 2 or more
Guinea Pigs per night : £5 or discounted rates for 2 or more
Hamsters and Gerbils per night: £3 each per cage

We can provide indoor or outdoor living for Rabbits and Guinea pigs, dependent on their needs and the owners wishes.

Please provide their staple food as we do not want to upset their bellys : )
Fruit and veg is provided daily as well as daily exercise and fun in the garden or house.

We are an experienced pet household with Rabbits of our own and experience with a vast majority of small pets. We also offer free nail clipping and grooming for our guests and photos for the owners from their stay.

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