Bishop Auckland College Job Zone - 01388 443000

Need advice or information on your career ideas, course choice, availability of funding, transport or how to enrol...Then you have come to the right place!

Within our team we are made up of; Careers, Enrolment and Funding & Trainsport. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about these areas

The Careers team is made up of Rachael and Judith, they can support people with course choice, career goals, university and much more.

The Enrolment team is made up of Jayne and Pauline, they enrol all students on their courses and can answer any questions on this and any support that may be available for students receiving benefits.

The Funding & Transport officer is Rum, she can provide support on any financial assistance that may be available through the college and any questions you have on the college bus service that we provide.

Address & Contact

Bishop Auckland
01388 443000

Map & Directions

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