Buzzypax- Children's Activity/Travel Packs

Children's activity/travel packs

Buzzypax was founded by parents who know and understand the challenges of keeping children occupied, engaged and entertained while travelling or at home.

Our age appropriate, ready to use activity packs are stocked with the highest quality products that provide lasting entertainment again and again. Each of the packs contents have been carefully selected and are supplied in a reusable cotton canvas drawstring backpack which is easy and comfortable for children to carry. The backpacks remain spacious, allowing the addition of favourite toys, extra activities or snacks if necessary.

Although ideal for travelling, our activity packs are designed around convenience and durability, making them long lasting and usable anywhere and at any time. Each of the pack’s items have also been thoroughly tested and approved by kids.

The activity packs are based on age and you can choose between the Littlies Packs for kids 3 to 6 years and the Biggies Packs for kids 7 to 10 years. We also offer refill packs for each age group if needed.

Indoors, outdoors and on the move, its busy fun for everyone!

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