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A British luxury jam company, based in London and rooted in English tradition. Our artisan preserves mischievously mix classic fruits with herbs or spices.

Traditionally made, luxury artisan sweet jams and bitter marmalades ruthlessly combining classic fruits with an herb or spice.

Our recipes have been developed through years of experimenting and are designed to encourage you to be indulgent and adventurous, and to see the versatility of jam and marmalade.

We believe preserves have much more to offer so have created a range that is not only delicious on toast and scones, but can transform sweet and savoury dishes.

Try it now: drizzled over figs and ricotta cheese on toast; glazed over a gammon and roasted; layered in a Queen of Puddings; muddled in a sour cocktail, or on a cheese board…

Envelop yourself in a naughty moment: stealing jam spoonful by spoonful straight from the jar. You are not alone and will not be judged... if caught!

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