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Welcome to the Ravat & Ray Dental Care Facebook Page. We currently have 11 practices in the North of England and 1 practice on the Isle of Man.

Welcome to the Ravat & Ray Dental Care. We currently have 11 practices in the North of England, covering Lancashire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

The Ravat & Ray Dental Care Clinical team comprises of highly qualified and experienced dentists, dental therapists and dental nurses, ensuring that all of our patients are looked after and provided with the best possible dental care in practices that are fitted with the latest modern state-of-the-art dental equipment and are fully compliant with the Department of Health’s decontamination guide (HTM 01-05).

We provide a wide range of treatments, details of which can be found under our treatments page. We welcome children as well as adults within all practices. If you would like to find out more about joining one of our dental practices please find your nearest practice and get in touch with our friendly staff that will be more than happy to help.

For further information on the complete range of Private Treatments and Services available within our practices, please visit our Private Dentistry Section.

Our 11 Practices are:

• Bradford: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-bradford/#tabs-2
• Bolton One: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-ray-dental-care-bolton-one-bolton/#tabs-2
• Burnley: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-the-fold-centre-for-integrated-health-and-wellbeing-burnley/#tabs-2
• Chadderton: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-fields-new-road-primary-care-centre-oldham/#tabs-2
• Chroley: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-westbank-chorley/#tabs-2
• Douglas: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-ray-dental-care-douglas/
• Farnworth: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-ray-dental-care-farnworth/#tabs-2
• Fitton Hill, Oldham: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-fitton-hill-oldham/#tabs-2
• Rumworth: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-the-rumworth-bolton/#tabs-2
• Salford: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-salford/#tabs-2
• Ormskirk: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-west-lancashire-health-centre-ormskirk/#tabs-2
• Wigan: http://www.ravatandray.com/practices/ravat-and-ray-dental-care-pemberton-health-centre-wigan/#tabs-2

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512 Wigan Road
01204 850285
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