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Prevention of and Response to sexual assault ATTENTION: Anyone who would like to make a report should contact the SARC at 226-7272, any post on this page will not be restricted. This site is for information, NOT confidential reporting.

Sexual assault is happening on RAF Lakenheath and our goal is to provide information on the prevention, reporting, and treatment of sexual assault. Additionally to have an open forum for discussion concerning a real problem affecting our base that has to be addressed.

Sexual Assault: intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. It includes rape, nonconsensual sodomy (oral or anal sex), indecent assault (unwanted, inappropriate sexual contact or fondling), or attempts to commit these acts. Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender or spousal relationship or age of victim.

“Consent” shall not be deemed or construed to mean the failure by the victim to offer physical resistance. Consent is not given when a person uses force, threat of force, coercion, or when the victim is asleep, incapacitated, or unconscious.

Reporting options: Restricted vs Unrestricted

Restricted report (confidential): This option is for Active Duty & DoD Civilian victims of sexual assault who wish to confidentially disclose the crime to specifically identified individuals (SARC, Victim Advocate, Health Care Provider, or Chaplain) without triggering the official investigative process, but still receiving treatment.

Unrestricted report (investigation): This option is for victims of sexual assault who desire an official investigation of the crime and treatment.

Bystander: must take the initiative to help someone who may be targeted for a sexual assault by a predator. Active bystanders also take the initiative to help friends who aren't thinking clearly from becoming perpetrators of crime.

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