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Train Learn Go Lichfield is a mobile Personal Training & Nutritional consultancy company delivering an industry leading service to your door.

Personal Training and nutrition specifically designed to not only transform the way you look but also address under lying health issues at the same time. Our fully qualified professional consultants will listen to your goals whilst at the same time perform on the spot assessments in order to build a picture of your overall physical condition. This information will then be used to prescribe exercise and nutrition that will not only provide you with the result you want but also the result you need!

The Train Learn Go service is fully comprehensive; this is far from a quick jog around the block and a few sit ups. No points to count, no carbs to watch, no pills to take and you can definitely eat after 7pm. We base all of our instruction on years of scientific research, a wealth of experience and above all else anatomical & biological fact! The idea is that you Train – Learn – Go in other words we will train you physically in a structured yet thoroughly enjoyable way, teach you all you need to know about the human body and how it works and then you go on to live your life empowered with the knowledge gained from Train Learn Go ensuring that you not only get the result you want but also have the knowledge to make sure it stays that way forever. No more dieting and no more searching through buckets of conflicting information. The answers to the questions you have been asking for years are merely a phone call away!

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