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Tasting is believing. TuGo's branded concepts: food with integrity, always locally sourced and packed with nutritious yumminess!

Flipping the food industry on its head!

By providing a complete package of delicious recipes, equipment, branding, point of sale material, training and support, we allow any venue to compete directly with high street food brands. It's the quick, easy way to offer your customers high quality meals made with the finest freshest ingredients.

Great food and vibrant brands...

Tugo is one of the leading food companies in the UK. We create delicious, nutritious food produced with an eye to sustainable communities, a healthy environment and animals that enjoy natural lives. Our chefs and nutritionists work together to create meals that are simple to prepare, popular with customers, and deliver outstanding returns for our clients.
We specialise in bringing innovative and exciting food concepts to the food service industry through popular and colourful brands such as the Pasta Factory and Pizza Tugo.

Our solutions are designed to be simple and straightforward to implement, allowing you to provide an enhanced customer experience while also improving your financial performance.

It's a whole package...

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our carefully selected food products but also in the equipment and point of sale material included within all of our brands.

We provide a complete food outlet, including branding, training, equipment and point of sale material.
As we like to say, it's everything from the dough to the pepperoni, along with all the signage, the equipment and the branding.

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0844 264 0908
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