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A small house that played a large part in history. It was here that the Orange Institution was formed around the aftermath of the Battle of the Diamond.

The Museum of Orange Heritage at Sloan’s House, Loughgall is situated on Main Street, Loughgall.

Loughgall, and in particular Sloan’s House, are key areas in the history of the Orange Order as it was here that the Institution was formed around the aftermath of the Battle of the Diamond in 1795.

As well as the formation and early development of the Institution, the Museum at Sloan’s House displays an important collection of documents relating to the beginning of the Orange Order, including some of the first warrants signed. This site also tells the story of the Plantation as well as the surrounding area of Loughgall, including stories of local families to the area even before the formation of the Orange Order.

This site also includes a display of Sloan’s Parlour, illustrated in a similar way it would have looked when the Orange Order was first formed in Sloan’s House. The Parlour tells the story through graphics, audio visual technologies and the display of key artefacts.

This site also includes a permanent exhibition space, Sloans Coffee Shop, research facilities and function room.

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